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Dec 23, 2021 at 12:15 PM

SAPHana Cluster( Performance Optimized Scenario ) installation problem at Watchdog Setup stage


Hi everyone!

I install (SLES15SP3) SAPHana Cluster HA (Performance Optimized Scenario) using YaST (HA Setup For SAP Product).

At Watchdog Setup stage, YaST does not see a running softdog service after the next step the installation terminates with the message:

Error occurred during the unattended installation: no implicit conversion of nil into String

The YaST /var/log /YaST2/y2log has the following lines:

--- SapHA::SAPHAInstallation.local_configuration: configuring Watchdog Setup ---

[Ruby] sap_ha/node_logger.rb(method_missing):161 Appying Watchdog Configuration

[Ruby] system/watchdog.rb(watchdog?):98 Module '' is not a watchdog!

[Ruby] system/watchdog.rb(watchdog?):98 Module '' is not a watchdog!

[Ruby] sap_ha/node_logger.rb(method_missing):161 Cannot install a watchdog module

[Ruby] system/shell_commands.rb(exec_outerr_status):68 Executing command ["/usr/sbin/modprobe", nil]

[Ruby] clients/sap_ha.rb(rescue in run_installation):404 An error occurred during the installation

Watchdog Setup stage is provided by the script /usr/share/YaST2/lib/sap_ha/system/watchdog.rb, and its

methods generates

[Ruby] system / watchdog.rb (watchdog?): 98 Module '' is not a watchdog!


And previous methods do not find the softdog.ko.xz module

(NodeLogger.error ("Cannot install a watchdog module # {module_name}" above)

although it is in its proper place


and Active status

# lsmod | egrep "(wd | dog)"

softdog 5232 0

So after the Watchdog Setup stage the installation terminates abnormally.

Any Advise ?