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Dec 18, 2021 at 03:40 PM

SAP Commerce 2105 SMARTEDIT missing custom build files


Hello Everyone,

Need one help to understand 2105 smartedit functionality, as far as i understood now its require to have NPM on your machine to install 2105. Found a way to bypass it by using below properties:






Now my problem is that i was using 1808 prior to 2105 and i am trying to create custom smartedit extension abcsmarteditmodule using ysmarteditmodule template.

In 1808 we use to get custom build js files while generating extension like abcsmarteditmdule.js and abc.smarteditmodulecontainer.js. I couldnt find how to get these files in 2105.

Now if i need to customize the smartedit i need to enable above properties and run NPM in my local machine but i dont want to run NPM on my server and want to send my custom changes on higher environments.

Can somebody tell me how to achieve it or how to do in 2105 version?

Thank You in ADVANCE.