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Dec 16, 2021 at 08:51 PM

Input Task not available for SAC designer? BPC Planner application


Hi Everyone,

We are in a process of building Planner application for BPC.

To streamline the work process, I came across Input Task via Story. This gives you an overview of communication between planner and controller(approver).


Passing CostCenter for CCOwners.

Story Approach-

We tried linking models (One customer exit variable and BPC CostCenter) and display data on intersecting CostCenters. It work great but then you loose write-back functionality. This could be by design as linking models is probably treated as contamination by SAC and it takes away write-back.

Designer Approach-

Able to pass CostCenters and write-back still works as expected. However I dont see Input-Task button in application.

How do we achieve Planner request and approver work-flow here?

Any recommendation or thoughts highly appreciated, thanks