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Dec 16, 2021 at 04:17 AM

Passing prompt values in OpenDoc URL could not hide prompt dialog for reports in BOBJ4.3



We use the OpenDocument URL with filter parameters in our old BOBJ4.1 and BOBJ4.2 to link among the webi reports with query filters:

-->On BOBJ 4.1 and BOBJ4.2, when clicking on the link on report 1 to load the report 2, the report 2 will be loaded without display the prompt dialog first, this behavior is excepted as we pass prompt values in the URL to prevent the user from having to see the prompt dialog box.

-->However, after we installed the BOBJ4.3 lately, this behavior changed: the prompt dialog box always shows up first when we click on the link on report 1 to load the report 2, we are using the same code for the openDocument links on BOBJ4.3 as the BOBJ4.1/4.2.

We checked the BOBJ4.3 official document as below for the openDocument and could not find the change information for this.

Can you please suggest how to make the changes to prevent the prompt dialog shows up when we pass the prompt values in the OpenDocument URL for BOBJ 4.3?

Thank you!