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Dec 17, 2021 at 09:48 PM

Programmed Component Replacements in SAP on Heavy Mobile Equipment


Hi EAM Community,

Share your industry thoughts on this scenario please. I'm looking for an updated perspective Thanks in advance.

In SAP we make extensive use of Strategy Plans (leveraging suppression etc.) and also have Single Cycle Plan usage.

Which of the above (or other) approaches at are recommended for embedding Programmed Component Replacements (PCR's) on Haul Trucks for example? And what is the Technical Object that is listed in the Maintenance Item? (The baseline to the question is outlined below.)

Baseline: Assuming that Each Haul Truck is identified with a unique Functional Location (Not Equipment, as company steers away from Equipment Hierarchies) and has Sub-Unit Flocs for Hydraulic System, Powertrain, Frame & structure, etc. and the hierarchy has major Rotable Equipment (ex. Engine, Transmission, Differential, etc) installed at the FLoc for say ... Truck 41 - Powertrain.

The question being asked are:

1. How are industries dealing with Programmed Component Replacements (Perhaps Engine Replacements (EOL) or even major components on the Engines.

2. How are industries extracting reports on future scheduled projections (1 - 3 years say). i.e. How many Engines, Transmissions, etc. should be expected to be replaced over the course of the next 1 - 3 year?

Hope to hear from some industry and SAP experts, I have opinions but need to test these with current practice.

Thank you in advance.