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Dec 24, 2021 at 02:57 AM

Could i use a view including input parameter in "Intelligent Lookup"


Thank you for your this post.

I have a problem in checking intelligent lookup.

I used a view including "input parameter" for intelligent lookup. This view is simple SQL view.

1. When i preview data at 1 note using this view, error message happened

Type : error

message: Internal server error

2. When i deployed this intelligent lookup object, error message is as following.

The deployment of Intelligent_Lookup__Sample__01 was unsuccessful.

Failed to execute a database statement for Artifact Intelligent_Lookup__Sample__01_$IDT_RV_rule1 of type invalid identifier: parameterized sql view INPUT_ENTITY without input arguments: line 59 col 16 (at pos 2119): {2}. Correlation ID: e5205032-1317-45cd-5475-afe9ec7f732d

please answer for me.

Thank you.