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Dec 22, 2021 at 08:26 AM

SAC: SAP Success Factors Workforce Planning - missing currencies


Dear colleagues,

I'm trying to understand the SAP Success Factors Workforce Planning model for Positions SAP__HR_ANA_IM_EC_OHP_POSITION...

After successful installation, I observed an issue with currency conversion in the first Planner story, so I added the pair CNY to USD ... but still some tasks fail, due to the missing pair: "null - USD" ... and currently I'm struggeling to fix it :-(

I already tried:

- loading the data in the Explorer - fails

- displaying the data in the model - fails

- downloading the data into file - fails

- checking available company codes in the model vs. the public dimension SAP_ALL_COMPANY_CODE

--> in general, no CC exists without any currency, and neither the ones available with transactional data.

I even maintained all currencies for this model from source to USD valid from 01.01.2020 ... still "null to USD" is missing.

I assume that any factor, driver or percentage value will have no currency code, but even CC # has USD.

1) So what causes the error?

2) Did anybody solve it already?

3) Or did you just delete all data and start with your own?

Another bonus question: What did SAP think to re-use the public dimension SAP_ALL_COMPANY_CODE in almost all models & stories across the whole SAC content, and why did they not use separate CC dimensions?

In case you want to implement different authorization from a FI, CO or HR perspective, then you are having trouble with one single dimension :-( ... and it is quite an effort if you want to replace it by another dimension in about 56 data models for this SF Workforce Planning.

Thanks and Best regard.