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Dec 21, 2021 at 08:47 AM

How to check inbound HTTP(s) traffic is secure enough to PI


Hi community

I have read carefully the blog about TLS:

I am now wondering, how i find out how many inbound partner connections i have that are still using HTTP or HTTPS with TLS 1.0 in order trigger the partner to change to a more secure type of connection. This question would also imply that i am wondering which cipher has been used between SAP PI and my partners.

I want to decommission all unsecure connections, but by just disabling them, it could produce a massive business interruption - so i want to ask all the partners that have still clients using a weak security to make tests on or Test System first before deactivating http, TLS 1.0 or weak ciphers in production.

I am interested in getting your best practices on that.

BR Helmut