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Dec 21, 2021 at 07:39 AM

RA key control


Hello All,

We have a business requirement where one user status profile should be defined. As per business process user will select respective user status against particular WBS. And project structure has different RA eligible WBS's ( POC, never POC, Book and Bill) etc. Now we would like to add different user status's such as POC, never POC, Book and Bill in User status profile. When we add user statuses in user status profile and would like to add RA key but don't see any option in transaction control.

I only see Automatic WIP/Result analysis business transaction in transaction control but could not find option to select RA key against that transaction so that against POC user status I can default RA key as RA0001 and against Never POC I can default RA key as RA0002.

Is this really possible to get the required result using WBS user status profile or not?

Appreciate your valuable inputs.