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May 11, 2006 at 04:02 PM

Transport Problem


Hi SAP Gurus - thanks for this great community.

I'm having a transport problem for a transfer structure to BW QA. I've searched the board and checked OSS notes without success.

I am transporting several objects to BW QA and I receive one error for 0BPARTNER with the following msg:

DataSource Transfer Rules



When transporting to QA I receive the following error:


Start of the after-import method for object type R3TR ISTS (Activation Mode)

Transfer structure 0BPARTNER_ATTR_BA activated under the name 0BPARTNER_ATTR_BA

It is not necessary to copy dependent objects for transfer structure 0BPARTNER_ATTR_BA

<b>Transfer structure 0BPARTNER_ATTR_BA does not exist

Error RSAR 440 when handling objects with type R3TR ISTS</b>

" with error code 12.

The attribute icon appears white and inactive in BW QA. The text part is fine. When looking at the infosource I can actually see the contents of the transfer structure. I'm supprised to see the transfer structure in BW QA when the error message explains that it does not exist.

Steps preceeding the error:


- Moved all source system data sources to CRM QA and tested extractors in RSA3


- Set source system mapping and maintenance of source system ID.

- RFCs both ways set and checked

- Activated and replicated datasources, verified arrival of the 0BPARTNER_ATTR datasource (in BW QA)

- Executed RSDG_OBJNUMG_CREATE_INTERVAL f0r number ranges.

- Grouped transports for 0BPARTNER with dataflow before, ensured that the transfer structure 0BPARTNER_ATTR_BA is present in the transport.

What I have done afterwards to remedy the problem without success:

- Retransported the extractor to CRM QA and replicated to BW QA and retransported 0BPARTER to QA.

- Moved the object as part of a larger transport and also transported the object independently.

- Tried various import options when transporting.

Any idea on what causes this? Any insight will be greately appreciated.