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Dec 12, 2021 at 03:20 AM

LDate is empty


Hello Experts,

I have two table c and b joined using IDT. i need logindate and username as business object column from the below requirement sql

let me know how to achieve this uname is pulled in the query panel IDT BL alongwith pulling lgn date as login date but displaying null values.

here ogin date is blank for all the username. Please help with the design in IDT or custom query or formula to get the login date details for all the user associated.

Requirement SQL:

with A as


select uname, max(date) LgnDate

from rpt c

where >= add_months(sysdate,-12)

group by uname


select b.LgnDate

from B_user b

inner join A

on A.uname = b.uname

where nvl(b.LgnDate,'01-jan-15') <> A.LgnDate