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Dec 14, 2021 at 02:03 PM

CAP Java - odataV2 and odataV4 example for generation by mavin plugin

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Hi, im working on a cap java project which uses standard odata v2 like API_PRODUCT_SRV and some own odata services . We are using fiori elements . We detect that the requested "search" function in fiori elements are not functional with OdataV2 . So we decide to change all odata service to v4. The standard service API_PRODUCT_SRV only exists as odata v2 -> when we see v4? Or isnt necessary to swtich to V4? Are existing some real world example where odata v2 AND odata v4 used together. I need examples where odatav2 and odataV4 clients are generated together with maven plugin( odata-generator-maven-plugin /odata-v4-generator-maven-plugin).

The question is not exposing V2 and V4 together. Thats simple done by the adapter.

I will have to generate the client java classes. I do this for the o2 services and also for v4. In V4 i have to override the V4 basepath because the edmx file doesnt contain this. Because im using 3 different o4 services i used 3 excution steps to do this. This is for me kind of strange, so i was looking for real world examples doing this in a better way?


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