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Dec 10, 2021 at 09:45 AM

Posting grants on Assets capitalised in previous years



Please can someone advise.

I have created the config for investment support for Assets. I have 3 Transaction types:- II1, JI1 & KI1.

I can post Investment support using transaction II1, where the Asset has been capitalised this year using transaction ABIFL - that is not an issue, however I need to post Investment support for assets that have been capitalised in 2020 (so that the investment support would be posted in 2021 for an asset that was capitalised in 2020). On blogs that I am reading, they are suggesting using KI1 for this - however this is using Transaction type group 53, which is set as "capitalise in current year" - and SAP says not to change that - however I get the message "

Investment grants exceed APC in reference area 01 Msg no. AA661 in ABIF"

I have checked ANVEST and cannot see what to change to allow this posting.

Thanks in advance.