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Dec 10, 2021 at 12:17 PM

Error in the Rater Log files - Invalid Charged/Refill Item


Hello to everyone,

In the logs of one of our rater instances we got the following error:

"Invalid Charged/Refill Item: Cannot apply the Billable Item Mapping 'XX01/XX01': Cannot set Amount type field(s) of the Billable Item: no currency found for the ISO 4217 currency code 'EUR' and the decimal place count '6'"

I checked the currencies in CC and did also a manual synchronization and tried to activate the contract with the chargingContractActivate WS. The error still persisted. Checked all the parameters in SAP CC of this specific provider contract with other provider contracts but nothing suspicious. The order fulfillment status in CRM is ok and all the steps were distributed successfully. CCM parameters also look fine.

Can anybody give me a hint? What should I check?

Wishing you a great Friday,