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Dec 08, 2021 at 01:48 PM

Fiori-App -> Multiple Backends with Parameter 'sap-system=alias' not working in FLP

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Hi Everybody,
we have a Fiori-application which was running fine so far on S/4 Hana onPremise and on SAP BTP Cloud Foundry.
But now a customers had the problem that one of their apps also need the TASKPROCESSING OData-service, but on a different backend as our application.
Since the Fiori-Apps are deployed on a central Frontend-Sever with multiple backends attached, the "other" app uses the TP-Service from backend A and our Fiori-App uses the TP-Service from backend B.

So far so good. We found out, that to solve we have to give the url-parameter "sap-system=<alias>" if started by url or, if started from Fiori-Launchpad to use the parameter field of the tile with the value "sap-system=<alias>". In transaction "/IWFND/MAINT_SERVICE" we maintained two entries for the service in part "SYSTEM-Aliases". One for our Fiori-Application with an aliasname that we used in the above "sap-system"-parameter.

Our Backend is a S/4-Hana 2020 with SAPUI5-Version 1.78.12 on it.

1) Testing the app with an index.html like "https://fes-url/sap/ui5_ui5/<ournamespace>/<appname>/index.html?sap-system=<alias> for bootstrapping the app-component workes nice. All URLs for OData-Requests have an ";o=<alias>" in the url, wich is correct.

2) BUT: Does not work properly from Fiori Launchpad of S/4 2020 onPremise.
Starting the app from Fiori-Launchpad works for the "app"-component, addressed by the target-definition in Launchpad-Designer. But this app also loads component-containers with components in it, dynamically based on data selected in the initial app-component. Data of the inital app-component read by OData-Datasource is also correctly appended by the ";o=<alias>" in the OData-Service URL. BUT in the OData-Requests of the dynamically loaded Components it gets lost!!!! Even if the Services are the same. But the ";o=<alias>" is not appended in the loaded component to the OData-ServiceURL.

3) To make it a little more mystic:
As mentioned above we also deploy that Fiori-App to SAP-BTP (CF). OData-Requests are realized by destinations and a cloud-connector to the same backend as in 2) BUT here every OData-Service URL is appended by ";o=<alias>" no matter if it comes from the app-component or by a dynamically loaded component which also uses this OData-Service.

Any ideas to solve or workaround the problem in 2) are warmly welcome.
Maybee this is a bug in UI5 or FLP?

kind regards