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Dec 07, 2021 at 03:54 PM

On premise Sharepoint NTLM authentication using SCI & SCC


Hi All,

I'm doing an integration requirement in SCI to integrate with sharepoint which is an on premise system using https rest api calls. Is there a way to invoke rest api using https protocol and NTLM authentication from SCI via SCC? I tried to invoke but getting forbidden 403 http error. Anyone has tried this before?

NTLM typically works along with basic authentication by giving domain\username to distinguish from basic credentials username/pwd but its not working in SCI and SCC set up....

Also, if it won't work with standard framework, is there a way to use groovy script to invoke an API using NTLM?

I have spent a lot of time to find some solutions in multiple forums, but didn't find any luck. Thanks in advance!!