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Dec 06, 2021 at 05:38 PM

MDG-S different fields in CR


Hi all, how are you?

When I use the CR SUPPL5P1 the system show me the fields of BLOCK VENDOR at the top of the screen, and the all other fields as only visualize (I couldnt modift other fields in this CR).

I need to creat a new CR similar to SUPPL5P1 to be used for field "deletion flag" at company code & purchasing data, but I could not found where you define that this fields will be added at the top of the screen and all other fields are only in visualize mode.

I've checked in: Master Data Governance, Central Governance >General Settings > Process Modeling > Business Activities where I have 1 entry for multi processin activities and other for single processing activities.

But I dont have differences (or I don't found) for each business activity.

Someone know where is the difference? or How I could do that?