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Dec 06, 2021 at 07:52 AM

SAP IAS/IPS - Transformation Code


I have 45k user in SF which I want to transform in IAS that will sync to IPS (Part of SSO configuration SF->IAS->IDP)

Now in SF I have 44k users where it assigned duplicate mail address that is causing my IPS sync job to get failed. The SSO connection will be on Login name not on email based authentication so it’s not mandatory to have mail ID duplicate or blank .But since it has duplicate mail Address my sync job is failing.

Is there any possible way to configure IPS transformation code to ignore duplicate mail ID ? If yes, please share because this will be help me to resolve my sync jobs.

For Blank mail ID address, I have managed with source code to attach dummy ID but for duplicate mail id which is assigned for multiple users causing the issue.

I don’t want to manage data at SF to delete duplicate address , I’m looking for transformation to be done in IAS.

When I imported users manually in IAS, they got synced but

The problem is since these users are imported manually not via SF , the SYNC job doesn’t delete them .Considering long soln if any user changed his password or something IAS wont sync them correct ? Because manually added them in IAS (these users are present in SF but all of them having duplicate mail ID) that’s reason its failing , hence manually uploaded users.

Is it recommend approach I add users in IAS manually using import option which are present in SF but having duplicate mail address.

Could you please help me on this.