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Dec 08, 2021 at 12:20 PM

Displaying a website from within SAP-GUI - issue with Internet Explorer as the browser


A few years ago, I enhanced the SE80/SE84 screens to directly display the start page of our internal SAP Development Guidelines (see my blog post from 2018 about it). The guidelines live in a Confluence space, which - when accessed via SAP-GUI - has been displaying a red warning message at the top of the embedded browser screen for quite some time noting that "Several functionalities are not supported by Internet Explorer which can cause various errors. Please use Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome instead."

This wasn't pretty, but it at least was still working and made it easy to access the guidelines directly (one excuse less to not check them!). We recently updated both SAP and Confluence and now, the embedded browser no longer properly displays our guidelines page - the formatting is off in that it for example no longer displays the standard left-hand menue used in Confluence.

Is there a means to "force" SAP to use another browser within the processing, like supplying some parameter of what to use or is IE the only available (but no longer really usable) option in a NW7.50 system with SP22?

Thanks much and Cheers


P.S.: Eclipse isn't used much yet due to various issues, like no easy means to distribute it and quite some enhancements in need of regular updates. As long as Eclipse cannot be used for all workbench object types, uptake will be small and people stick with SE80 & Co. (me included, although I use Eclipse every once in a while).