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Dec 08, 2021 at 10:55 AM

Wrong IBP Excel addin version displayed in mouseover and User Login statistics app


Hi guys,

I'm runnning an installation of IBP Excel Addin 2108.4.0 on my computer. When I log in and click on "Help -> About", the correct version gets displayed: SAP IBP, addin for Microsoft Excel Version: 2108.4.0.

But when I hover over the "Help" button on the IBP tab in Excel, a different (newer) version gets displayed: SAP IBP OD 2111.4.

To increase my confusion: in IBP app "User Login Statistics for Excel Add-In" an older version 2005.3 is displayed which I had on my computer some time ago, but has been deinstalled.

Any idea how that could happen? I must say that I did many back- and forth installations of the Excel Addin in the last 2 years (IBP side-by-side, with and without EPM, EPM standalone etc.) so my only assumption is that some old information is stored on my computer. But how to fix that?

Any idea is welcome....

Best regards, Matthias