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Dec 03, 2021 at 06:12 PM

SD Global Bike Quotation profit and Order Probability


I have 2 questions we have a Task at my university according to the Global Bike Case study.

I could complete everything but have 2 little issues I'm not sure about

1. we had to change the order probabilitys in our tutorial we did this at the invoice step. So i die and filled for example. 23 % 30 % something like that which give me also a different expected order value.

After that I created a Quotation based on the reference of this inquiry. But in this the orderprobability is 70 % is that right or should i change it here again.

2. my professor asked for this Read the profit of your quotation (in USD) calculated by the SAP system

but I dont know where to find it. Just see Net Value ande expected ord val. . Do I have to keep going with creating the order and so on ? but he asking for profit of my Quotation?!