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Dec 03, 2021 at 04:49 AM

MDK app is being closed at execution of DownloadMedia in iOS



I'm trying to open image in offline mdk app, but the app is just closing whenever 'Download Media' action is being executed on iOS. But, it is working well on Android. I checked 'ClientLog.txt' file on device, but no error message is found. The image is already downloaded in offline store when offline is initialized.

Program is crashing below with DownloadImage.action(before Success Action - DocumentFileSave.js ) .

  } else if (mediaIsLocal) {
return pageProxy.executeAction("/WOOffline/Actions/DownloadImage.action");
} else {

Please find attached related source files.

Version: MDK: 6.1.0
iOS: 15.1 (tested with old version 14.8.1, but it is the same).

Since it is working well in Android and no error message is found in log file, I don't know how I can check further. Any guide would be very appreciated.



metadata.txt (8.8 kB)