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Dec 02, 2021 at 07:04 PM

Error: insufficient privilege DBADMIN User for HANA Cloud [Generating OData using yeoman generator]


Hello Experts,

I have created the HANA Cloud database project using business application studio and generated the schema along with the tables required. No issues in that as i can access the HDI Container.

Next step is to generate the OData service exposing table data in my schema.

I have followed the blog -

When i try to generate the odata project using yeoman generator, I keep getting this Error: insufficient privilege. When i check the detailed priviledge error using GUID, It says DBADMIN user does not have access to my schema.

I am unable to assign the priviledges to user DBADMIN or any other user. Did anyone face the same situation or similar type of error in generating the OData?

Looking forward for your inputs.

Denys van Kempen Tagging you to this question, Hopefully you can guide here.