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Dec 03, 2021 at 10:25 PM

VSCode with MDK6.0.5

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I'm trying to migrate SAM2010 to MDK 6.0.5 and had no issue migrating the metadata in WebIDE or building the app in VS Code. However, when I try to launch the app in VS Code it generates the updated bundle.js file but then removes that file from the app folder shortly before attempting to launch the app in the simulator. The result is a blank app.

Should I try MDK 6.1? It wasn't marked as compatible with SAM2010 so I've held off on it.

Edit: The blank app was caused by Xcode 13. Because I have multiple versions of Xcode installed, I name them appropriately to easily differentiate them. When the app is launched it was looking specifically for 'Xcode' and failed for any other name. The CLI was returning the correct version, but that's not what it was looking for.