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Dec 03, 2021 at 10:25 AM

OBN navigation form to custom BO

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Hello all,

I am trying to extend the to add more data that is needed for some specific calculations like payrols etc. is different than other standard objects I have experimented with, and I guess its because it is in Foundation deployment unit.

My first try was to add a tab with embeded component in the ViewSwitchNavigation but that is not possible here like it is with most other standard business obejcts, the option is just not displayed like with other objects.

So I decided to create a custom BO that would act as a custom extension object for the standard Employee object and an OBN button/link from the Employee to my custom BO.

Again I have issues trying to connect instances of my custom BO with the standard BO because I dont have any parameters to select when creating the OBN on the standard screens of

What I did was to follow this blog :

this video:

and a couple more community questions, but the issue that bothers me is that when I go to extensibility explorer and add an OBN button there are no parameters to select


Here I select my operation to edit from the standard .PTP that was generated automaticaly in cloud applciation studio.

After that I try to bind parameters but no data fields are offered for selection, and this is where I am stuck. I am trying to get employee UUID, or employee ID to my custom BO and then fire an event handler that would read the instance of my custom object that I need for editing additional data


Why can I only select ROOT here ? And is there any way to make it work with root ?

I understand that Foundation objects behave differently, but if there is a limitation for them that I cant add embeded components or OBN buttons, what are some other options to fulfill this requirement ?