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Dec 02, 2021 at 06:27 PM

Linking Subreports using Command



I have created a report using the command function. I am trying to insert a subreport and link it to the billno field in the main report (?Pm-Command.billno). The code below is used in the command funtion of the main report and pulls all data within a given date range as well as any records related to the particular invoice(billno).

select b1.*
from billed b1
  inner join (
    Select billno, min(datebilled) as FirstDate
    from billed
    group by billno) dts
  on b1.billno = dts.billno
    and dts.FirstDate between {?BillDate} and {?enddate}

When inserting the subreport it is linked to command.billno with subreport parameter fields set to ?Pm-Command.billno and linked to the field tickc.billno

The subreport is not currently populating correctly it appears to be trippling some records and omitting others.

The subreport I would like to add does not use the command function when selecting records from the database.

Any help would be appreciated. Also please keep in mind if crystal reports was a person id still be in diapers.