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Dec 08, 2021 at 12:15 PM

SAP BTP Connectivity Service from local development environment


Dear community,

i have been playing around with the cloud connector, destination and connectivity service.

I noticed that when using CAP or the sap-cf-axios package my applications are only working when deployed on BTP.

Usecase is quite simple:

Call a rest endpoint on a system connected via the cloud connector.

For running my app in the BAS (or anywhere else) i transfer the environment variables of my cloud application to my local development environment.

But my request keep getting stuck. It is not like i am getting a timeout or a 401, rather the application does not respond at all anymore.

Is there a protection with the connectivity service which prevents request from outside of BTP beeing processed? Like with HANA Cloud where you can only deploy via HDI running in the cloud as long as your ip is not whitelisted or the whitelist is not turned off.

Thanks for your time.