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Dec 06, 2021 at 09:55 PM

Can't Hide Category Filter in Explorer View Mode in Analytical Application

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I've created an analytical application using an SAP HANA datasource (a non-live, scheduled, BW on HANA datasource to be specific). This is not a planning model. In my application I have some buttons that call code that launch different explorer view modes (a summary view and a detail view). I noticed that there is a "Category" facet with an "Actual" entry and it shows up as the first entry in explorer. I did some digging and I guess filters show up as the first facets when you launch explorer - however I cannot remove or even hide this facet from showing up since it's a filter on every chart I create. And in my code I am calling explorer using my chart (something like....Chart_1.getDataSource().getDataExplorer()...). I think this has something to do with versioning but it's just odd that you can't hide this somehow.

Is there any way to hide this filter with this type of connection? Or is there some sort of workaround. This is confusing to the users as it's a useless facet and will just confuse them why it's there.