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Dec 06, 2021 at 09:33 AM

how to deactivate discount when import sales orders via webservice

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i tried to import a sales order through webservice with the service "SalesOrderBundleMaintainRequest_sync". With using the syntax <ItemMainDiscount> i can define the discount of the item. It worked except with 0. I tried to set the value to 0, because i want to deactivate the discount in the sap. If i import without the discount part, the discount will be automatically added in the sap sales orders. What i want, is to import the price, which is already considered with discount. How can i achieve this?

the item part for the import:

<Item> <ID>1</ID> <ItemProduct> <ProductID>2-5040</ProductID> </ItemProduct> <ItemScheduleLine> <Quantity>15</Quantity> </ItemScheduleLine> <PriceAndTaxCalculationItem> <ItemMainDiscount actionCode="05"> <Rate> <DecimalValue>0</DecimalValue> </Rate> </ItemMainDiscount> <ItemMainPrice actionCode="01"> <RateBaseQuantityTypeCode>EA</RateBaseQuantityTypeCode> <Rate> <DecimalValue>2.07</DecimalValue> <CurrencyCode>EUR</CurrencyCode> <BaseDecimalValue>1</BaseDecimalValue> <BaseMeasureUnitCode>EA</BaseMeasureUnitCode> </Rate> </ItemMainPrice> </PriceAndTaxCalculationItem> </Item>

the import result in sap: the 17% is not wanted, which should be deactivated while importing.


Regards, Ke