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Former Member
May 11, 2006 at 09:43 AM

Where's the information stored of the CLP (mycontacts)?


Hi all,

I have a question to the Collaboration Launch Pad CLP, for example accessing the CLP by


I'm able to add Contact Lists / Contacts / Room members to My Contacts.

The question for me is, where are theses information stored (where are theses groups and members of mycontacts stored) and is this user-dependend? (because I tried to login under 2 different users, but they both got the same contacts, perhaps as they’re both collaboration admins? But with a 3rd user, ha hasn’t any users available under the CLP?)

In the CLP view My Contacts are displayed with <myname>_root

and in the URL there is a alias/%3Cmycontacts%3E to find.

But I had a look in KM, under the "userhome"-repository, but couldn't find there any stored information, relating to the mycontacts content?

Can somebody help me please?


Best regards