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May 11, 2006 at 09:34 AM

Delta extraction for master data and with returncode not 0


Hello, experts, I have two questions, both regarding delta extractions.

1 - I am trying to extract Vendor master data for infoobject 0VENDOR using the standard flexible extractors. Since there are a lot of vendors in the ERP I was hoping a delta extraction was possible. The INIT package runs ok but when I try to run the delta infopackage I get the following error messages

"the extraction program does not support object 0VENDOR"

"ALE change pointers are not installed correctly"

Any ideas on how to solve these problems? Reggarding the second error message I have tried updating the change pointers in transaction DB61 but nothing happened.

2 - I am also extracting data with 0PU_IS_PS_32 and I wish to use deltas. But I am also using a number of routines to update certain characteristics. These routines sometimes return returncode = 4 (as expected). In the Full update I have the error handling options for updating the valid record and ignoring invalid ones. But in the init/delta infopackages that option is not available and the update fails.

Is there a way around this problem?

Thank you for your help