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Dec 01, 2021 at 09:39 AM

Test Data Refresh (TDR)


Hi I have several questions about TDR.

1. Depersonalization

SAP Help mentions in above link; “Depersonalization:During the test data refresh, personal sensitive data is depersonalized using scrambling features so that it is made very difficult to trace back the refreshed data in the non-production system to any person whose personal data exists in the related production system. The depersonalization focuses on replacing names and identifiers with other representations. This feature can be deactivated at customer request. However, SAP strongly recommends using it because it supports you in meeting data protection and privacy requirements.”

Does this mean that customer side can choose to use/not to use scrambling features by themself. Is it correct? If correct, when/who will ask them?

2. Communication arrangement apps.

I want to know if customer side have to set communication arrangement in Q system again after TDR.

SAP Help mentions in above link; "Exceptions apply for the following objects:IDoc/EDI, Application Interface Framework (AIF)"

Does it mean "Q system Communication arrangement setting data will not be overwritten/copied from P system"? or they have to set specified Q system data again?

3. Certification (like a SSL server certificate)

What should customer side do after refreshing? Like, if customer installed certifications to some systems which are integrated with S/4HC. Re-installation or something is required by themself?

Thanks,Eitaro Yoshikawa