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Nov 30, 2021 at 10:30 AM

Master data and integration with SAP Climate 21 (Product Carbon Footprint Analytics)



We are considering the implementation of SAP Climate 21 in our company but we have some concerns:

  1. The effort to maintain the emissions master data? The source data for all the steps of the value chain (purchasing, energy consumption, process-related direct emissions, transportation and distribution) come from SAP, but were are they maintained it?
  • How does the system knows the emissions values for one purchase and for another?
  • How does the system knows and calculates that one transport is 100 km and another 200km?

· 2. f we buy 10L of OIL, for example, how can we allocate a part for heating and another for production for example?

· 3. The configuration data needs to be the same between the different plants? Can we just compare the same data that 2 plants are using?

4. When do you plan to have also water consumption in the scope of the solution?

Thanks in advance