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Nov 30, 2021 at 09:27 AM

How to Organize the order of Groups in Alphabetic on Fiori Launchpad?



Actually we have an Homepage set up for our Client with differents groups depending domains. (as you can see in the document attached: order-alphabetics-groups.png, alphabetic-order-should-be-on-the-homepage.png)

The client want to organize the group in alphabetical order ( A --> Z).

I sent a message to SAP to know how to resolve the issue. We want to change the design of the groups in all environnements from the beginning ( DG4, IG4, UG4, QG4, PG4)

The answer was :

"There is currently no option to control the order of groups on the Portal/Launchpad.If this feature is important for you, please create a request for it through Influence SAP." (Ticket number: 645427 / 2021 Organize Order of Groups in Alphabetic on Fiori Launchpad)

So, i decided to create a request to find a solution. It's a request from the client. You can find also in the document attached how it's looks like actually, and how it can be...Thanks per advance for your help.

Best regards,