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Nov 25 at 01:07 PM

Get geodata with nominatim using SAP CPI



we would like to request geodata for an address in the SAP CPI via the nominatim service.

We have set up everything accordingly in the CPI.
If we call the created CPI service via postman, we get an error in the CPI:

Access blocked
......You should in particular verify that you have set a
custom HTTP referrer or HTTP user agent that identifies your application, and
that you are not overusing the service with massive bulk requests......

Then we have set the header parameter USER-AGENT in the content modifier.

But the error still comes up.

Apparently the parameter is not passed through. In the cpi trace you can see that the parameter is in "Message before Receiver Adapter". It is then missing from "Message after Receiver Adapter".

Does anyone have any ideas?