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Nov 25 at 12:35 PM

Wily Introscope 10.7 service not starting


emservice.txt introscope-1070323-installlog.txt

Good day Gurus, I installed the OS independent version of wily Introscope 10.7 on our Intel based 64bit Windows server (WILYISEM00P_5-70005231.ZIP) and extracted the modules (WILYISMM00_4-70005232.ZIP) by following SAP note 2557578.

We managed to create a windows service but issue now is that the service keeps on stopping. I stopped everything, removed Wily from the server and reinstalled it but still the service wont startup. I searched the community and noticed that people had similar issues but with earlier versions of Wily Introscope. Most of their issues pointed to osgi* files but these files are not required as of version 10.5.

I have attached the installation logfile and and the startup log files. Please assist and thanks in advance



emservice.txt (58.4 kB)