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Nov 25 at 01:30 PM

Turn on bin functionality and consequences for ordering and picking


Hi there... We are looking to improve warehouse inventory accuracy and create options for FIFO etc. I would like to utilise the bin location functionality but would like to allay some concerns that have arisen. I am new to S/4 but have used R/3 years ago. I have been advised that to use bin locations requires turning on "batch controls".

Firstly around batches. I believe that batch numbers can be used if desired but that SAP also has the ability to "self assign" a batch. Also that some parts are not batch controlled and that the functionality exists to ignore some parts.

Secondly when creating a pick or order that the user can create the job without specifying any batch at the time of creation, that the system can allocate if required, or that the warehouse can assign or overwrite a batch that is actually used.

The main issue is that from the operational (on the floor) side of the business there is a need for the bins, at the admin side it is viewed as adding complexity. The warehouse needs FIFO for some items only, serial number tracking on some, but generally batches are not required.