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May 11, 2006 at 07:22 AM

From Transactional ODS to Cube


How can I load data from a transactional ODS to an InfoCube?(BW 3.1)


I have tried the solution proposed here on SDN when the 8<OSD_NAME> infosource is to be used, but there is no infosource with the such name in my infosource tree(however the data source exists). May be, it is the issue of my BW version (3.1). Has someone implemented that scenario:


You don't need to export Datasource, It's System Generated.

You can also try this.

In order to transfer data from a transactional ODS object into further data targets, first create update rules from ODS object to the datatarget you want to update. During the update rule creation, select the transactional ODS object as the infosource. For the transactional ODS objects "Update Data in Data Targets" option is not available in the context menu of the ODS object, so you have to manually create infopackage to transfer data.

Go to the infosources tab in the administrator workbench and create infopackage for the system generated export datasource (technical name is 8<technical name of the ODS>). Then you can just execute the infopackage to load data into subsequent data targets, but please keep in mind only full upload is possible (no delta upload) with transactional ODS objects.

Hope it helps.


migrating data from transactional ODS to InfoCube

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