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Nov 27, 2021 at 09:20 AM

I want to set OData in Hana Express Edition


I referred to the URL below.

The work was completed halfway through 2. oDataアクセス環境の構築.

However, I could not access "http: // IP address: 8090 / sap / hana / xs / admin".

I looked it up and found that the 8090 was no longer in use and I had to access the 39030.

When you access "https: // hxehost: 39030 /", Xs'@ is running.

How can I get to the OData settings screen from here?

→ In HXE 2.0, the XS Classic feature is disabled (and may be gone completely).

Therefore, port 8090 is not used anymore.

You should use port 39030 (330) to check that your server is up and running.

However, it doesn't mean that all the other service like the Web IDE are up and running too.