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Nov 24, 2021 at 05:03 PM

Dev/Test/Prod Instances of SAC?


10:53 AM

I am curious how many SAP Analytics Cloud customers run more than 1 Tenant/Instance, such as Development/Test/Production, as you would with any other SAP product? At the very least, how do you test upcoming monthly or quarterly releasees?

I ask because I am being told that the SAC product has no licensing capability to support named user licenses across multiple tenants for this dev/test/production purpose. For example, we have purchased two tenants so far and two different blocks of licenses. One of our tenants is development and test and the second tenant is for production. Though, the same named user configured on both tenants counts as two licenses, meaning we are being told we have to pay double for the named users who wish to develop or support content.

Can the community confirm: If you run more than 1 tenant, do you have to pay multiple times for named users?