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Nov 28, 2021 at 07:40 AM

How to get APIKey of S4HANA


thank you for your support.

at the first, what I want to know is

1. The way for get a APIKey of S4HANA on docker.

2. The url for get a APIKey.

next, I write my background.

I am trying to use S4HANA of docker for technical verification.

Detail --

docker image : SAP HANA, express edition (database and application services)

tag :

--I think that this container supports several APIs like existing at SAP sandbox.In SAP sandbox, the APIKey is displayed by next following operation."TRY OUT" -> "SHOW APIKEY". Now, how do I get a APIKey of this docker container environment?I want to know the way and the example url for get a APIKey.Thank you.