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3 days ago

ASM session is timing out after oob value though we have overriden it in clustered Hybris 6.7

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We have set asm timer to 100 minutes(6000 seconds) and asm timeout to 110 minutes(6060 seconds). In our production environment we have 2 nodes configured for storefront and in this case in production whenever timer falls below 10 minutes we see session getting timed out even though we have set timer to 100 minutes. In hac both nodes we see the property value as 6000 seconds(100 mins) but still it is timing out to oob value of 600 seconds(10 mins). In our lower environments where hybris is running on single node we do not see this issue. Let us know what are things we need to check such that timer does not fall to oob value in clustered environments.
Hybris version we are using 6.7
cluster mode used is jgroups

Cluster Configuration used








Is there any configuration change we need to make for this to work in multiple node environments