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3 days ago

Proxy settings in SAP SLT replication server to replicate data from on-premise ECC to SAP HANA Cloud

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We have a use case to replicate data from on-premise ECC to SAP HANA Cloud. There are many data replication solutions for that. But due to some corporate limitations, SDI is not taken into consideration. Thus, SAP SLT is already available in my company.

SAP HANA Cloud is supported as target database by SAP SLT solution. I also found an SAP note for the configuration. For SAP HANA Cloud, only direct SQL connection is supported (see 2.2). The question to me is, due to corporate firewall, outbound request needs to go through proxy. But I am not sure whether proxy can be configured for SAP SLT replication server.

Can I set the proxy in database connection parameters when creating DB connection in SAP SLT server? For example,;CON_PARAM=ENCRYPT=TRUE,sslValidateCertificate=false,PROXY_HOST=...,PROXY_PORT=...