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Nov 23, 2021 at 04:07 PM

How can I achieve a connection from a rest service built in an ERP with my MDK mobile application


At the moment we have a mobile application built with sap web ide in the neo environment. an Odata service is being consumed for its operation.

It is necessary to develop a new application module and for this it is required to consume a rest service that is built in an ERP version 6.0 which contains the information of several modules (Inventory, orders and portfolio), said service has a structure with parameters input and output I am also connected to it through a VPN connection

At the moment we have the URL of the rest service that requires a basic authentication of a communication user, it is worth mentioning that tests have been done by postman and the response is satisfactory when the input parameters are sent by the PUT method, but when I want connecting that URL to the destination of the application in my instance of mobile services does not ping

I would like to know if I am ignoring any additional configuration in the destination or a recommendation from someone who has already had the same case or a similar one