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Nov 23 at 10:42 AM

500 http error when posting BP via SOAP to MDI

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Dear SAP Community,

I'm trying to configure SAP Master Data Integration service on BTP with SAP Cloud for Customer.

I'm using integration package "SAP Cloud for Customer Integration with SAP Master Data Integration" version 1.0.
I followed the MDI documentation, created service instances (General and C4C instances; SOAP scoped) and keys, subscribed to Master Data Orchestration (Integration), configured distribution model where MDI is the provider and C4C is the consumer.

I also followed the blog: by Shivankit Bisht
and some other FAQs blogs related to the topic of MDI in SAP Community.

However, when we try to send business partner from C4C to MDI, the call from CPI to MDI fails with 500 http error and response payload:
<faultstring xml:lang="en">ERROR</faultstring>
<message>Error while processing SOAP request. Please contact SAP Administrator.</message>

It's the same if I use some client like Postman or Insomnia and directly call MDI endpoint: &MessageId=00163EB1-C238-1EEC-90A9-49B5BC134662&QueueId=96A12E13A6D9D387&QualityOfService=ExactlyOnce

What would be the reason it doesn't work and gives us 500 error?

I also opened an incident 816928 / 2021 hoping to get some info from SAP Support. However, no reaction so far.