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Nov 28, 2021 at 02:44 PM

MDK Current Logged UserID in Web application


Dear Experts,

The app I am developing will be used both in Android and Web, where will need to identify current logged in User for processing in front end codes. My understanding we use UserID in #Application/#ClientData/UserId and it seems working correctly in Android, where it returns current users e-mail address. My problem is in Web application, where I get Empty value for this UserID. I read through some questions in the web but I couldn´t get clear answer if this is bug specifically for Web or something else.

So my 2 questions here:

1. Is it known issue/bug not being able to get UserId in Web version of MDK? If so what would be a workaround?

2. In Android as userID I get current logged users email (e.g., is there way to get current logged users Login name instead (like SAP S or P ID or IAS Login id as e.g. 'S00254580' or 'YYERTUGANOV' ?

Many thanks,