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Work Status in BPC embedded (Owner & Manager Relationship)

Feb 21, 2017 at 11:09 AM


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Hi there,

we are implementing the Work Status feature in a BPC embedded project.

In BPC Standard the relationship between Owner & Manager is done via the hierarchy (Parent = Manager, Child = Owner) in the Owner Dimension.

Since we are in BW and we are using text nodes in our hierarchies, we are not able to define an owner to the node / parent in the hierarchy. How can we create the owner / manager relationship in BPC embedded?


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Strange way of closing the question! You have not accepted it as right answer.....please accept first!

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Priyanka Jagtap Feb 21, 2017 at 12:40 PM

Hi Patrick,

The logic for owner manger is same as Standard for Embedded. Parent of the member is the Manager. So in BW instead of using text nodes use the members(create separate ID's for nodes) as the parent node and then create the hierarchy! So in the owner attribute you are able to maintain the user ID of the manager. Text nodes are not supported!



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Hi Priyanka,

i didnt understand the Members , in our system in BW its simple hierarchy is there Like ..ALL_COMP------Company code 1 ------- Company Code 2.

Same we are using in Work status. But our work status is not working .

I have defined User ID in owner & Reviewer , But still owner can see what he is not supposed to see & can do anything on work status like submit , approve , unlock.

Kindly advise , we got struck here .