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3 days ago

Is it Possible to achieve Partial Allocation in SAC?

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Hi Everyone,

We have a requirement as mentioned below to achieve partial allocation scenario:


We want to allocate source table amount in a distributed manner based on “Allocation_Percentage” to the target table. Please refer below Screenshot:


As per above screenshot we want to allocate 100$ amount from table 1 and allocate it in table to based on allocation percentages 50 and 20 in table 2.

i.e 50 % of 100$ to GL Account “Materials” and Cost Center “Cust Field Services” (50$)

and 20% of 100$ to GL Account “Materials” and Cost Center “D&O INSURANCE” (20$)

Rest 30% Amount Should Stay in the Source table Amount field. (30$)

Below is the Screenshot of Allocation Process created for this Scenario:


Note: Both the Tables are using Same Model.


1. After running the allocation instead of allocating 70%(50%+20%) from total of 100$ amount it is allocating entire 100$ to GL Account and Cost Center in table 2 to based on ratio and the Source Amount becomes 0$


2. If the percentage total in Target table is 100% then it is allocating the amount correctly. (70% and 30%)



Is it possible to achieve partial allocation scenario as described in requirement section and tested in “Observation 1” using Allocations in SAC? If No is there any other way to achieve this scenario?

Thanks in Advance.




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