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5 days ago

Software components with an invalid target release UPG to S44 2021



We're preparing the upgrade from S4HANA 1709 to 2021. During the phase PREP_EXTENSION/ADDON_QCALC we got the following error:

2EETN085X"The following component versions" "were decided to remain unchanged" "during the update/upgrade process." " "

2EETN085 "But since underlying component versions" "are changed, this decision needs" "to be revised or confirmed with a" "vendor key"

3 ETN085 "Software component" "GBX01HR" "rel." "600"

3 ETN085 "Software component" "GBX01HR5" "rel." "605"

2EETN085 "Check and clarify the upgrade strategy" "of the listed components" "with the component vendors." " "

2EETN085 "Check and revise the decisions" "in the planning process in" "Maintenance Planner and/or" "in phase IS_SELECT"

2EETN085 "Repeat the Configuration road map step" "with an updated stack XML" "and/or with correct decisions" "in phase IS_SELECT"

Maintenance planner didn't advise me about that. I've checked that the GBX01HR (SAP Fiori 1.0 for SAP ERP HCM ) is deprecated.

Which will be the method to process in this case? We could uninstall that addon but it's mandatory to uninstall GBX01HR05 to, however, If we need this functionality in the target version the addon GBX01HR05 (SAP Fiori for SAP HCM 2.0 ) is available. We would have to install it after the upgrade process?

Could be possible to include all these change in one step procedure?