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Nov 17, 2021 at 05:18 PM

Automatic upload of clock-in/clock-out data without integrating to SAP Payroll


Hello All,

In our client system, we have implemented time management and Indian Payroll without flowing time data like attendances and leaves to Payroll.

Existing SAP system: -

As of now, SAP time management solution in our client system is being used to calculate different types of leave quotas using Time Evaluation. We use CATS for marking different types of attendance. We use time management status-1 in Planned Working Time(IT0007) infotype and we don't maintain Time Recording Info(IT0050) for employees.

As of now, SAP Payroll calculates attendances, absences, payments and deductions without depending on Time cluster (ZL table).

New Business Requirement: -

As per latest business requirement, they need an interface which would read clock-in/clock-out data from client system and convert to SAP acceptable format for uploading into SAP system in Time Events(IT2011) infotype but they don't want to use clock-in/clock-out data for calculating actual payable salary for the next 3 months and after 3 months, they want to implement solution which will consider clock-in/out data for calculating actual payable salary.

Considering new business requirement, if we upload clock-in/clock-out in IT2011 and if we run time evaluation, what are different types of challenges which we will face for the next 3 months. Kindly provide your inputs.

Thank you